Wipfli Partners with Qualtik

Wipfli has partnered with Qualtik to expand its commercial loan portfolio stress testing services. Lenders look to Wipfli to provide valuable insights and enhance credit risk management strategies. The partnership makes delivery and implementation of those services more efficient.

“Banks and other lenders often use spreadsheets to analyze portfolios and struggle to best utilize the vast amount of data at their disposal,” said Carrie Connell, Partner at Wipfli. “The partnership of Qualtik and Wipfli enables lenders to gain deeper insights from their data and drive strategy.”

“Wipfli has a strong reputation and long history of being an integral part of growing banks,” said Mark Prior, Qualtik CEO. “We’re excited about the partnership and opportunity to assist more lenders throughout the country.”

About Wipfli LLP

With more than 70,000 clients and approximately 3,100 associates, Wipfli ranks among the largest accounting and advisory firms in the nation. They bring integrated solutions to help their clients turn data into insights, optimize workflows, increase margins and transform through digital innovation.

Making Commercial Loan Portfolio Stress Testing More Efficient Than Ever

Through our software’s stress testing tools, Wipli is able to make their workflow more efficient. Qualtik’s software accelerates and deepens commercial loan portfolio analysis, stress testing, reporting, and risk management capabilities. The software dramatically speeds up analysis and provides lenders an opportunity to interact with their data in new ways.

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