Special Asset Tool

screenshot of example CRE stress testing results

Special Assets Analysis

Qualtik’s Special Asset Tool helps banks run scenarios and understand the financial impact of special asset strategies such as discounted payoff, restructuring, and foreclosure. The tool also helps the bank run scenarios from the perspective of a potential buyer and understand the potential market value of the asset. Analyze special assets efficiently, with a consistent and defensible method for decision making relative to reserve calculations and strategies.

Drill into detailed metrics that are generated based on the assumptions entered by the bank. Generate summary reports that include metrics, a narrative section, and pictures of the collateral in seconds and use them in ALCO, Management, or Board Meetings.   

Compare Special Assets Scenarios

Use the Qualtik platform to determine the value of the loan in foreclosure, loan restructure, or a discounted payoff scenario for special assets and loans on your watchlist.

  • Create professional reports for board members, management and regulators, quickly.

  • Look at scenarios such as default foreclosure, discounted payoff, or loan restructuring to better understand the financial impact for the bank.

  • Run scenarios from the perspective of a purchaser to find market value of a particular special asset.

screenshot of example CRE stress testing results
screenshot of example CRE stress testing results

Data & Document Management

Whether you are gathering data for analysis, preparing for legal action, or needing to package things for a potential buyer, verifying that all documents are in place and match the data associated with the loan is important.  Documents and data related to your special assets can be stored in the Qualtik platform. Particularly helpful during audits, documents can be tagged to the corresponding information fields, so it’s easy to put your finger on the document behind the calculation or set of assumptions that have been applied in the analysis. As an added benefit, you can respond to auditors’ and regulators’ documentation requests with a click.

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