New Product Release: Comprehensive Loan Analysis

When originating non-owner-occupied loans, or analyzing them as part of loan review, many banks use spreadsheets to evaluate and stress the loan. As banks do in-depth analysis on specific concentrations of loans, those same spreadsheets increase in complexity. The Comprehensive Loan Analysis product was launched as part of Qualtik’s mission to reduce the role of spreadsheets in credit analysis.  

Qualtik customers are using the product to understand the collateral value behind their loans and run scenarios based on today’s economic environment. The product allows banks to stress individual loans based on specific bank policies and record a narrative for each loan analysis. 

An added benefit to stressing individual loans in Qualtik, is that the bank is then able to aggregate multiple loans, apply stress, and analyze segments of their portfolio.  

“One example of what we see banks using the new product for is to analyze commercial Office loans in downtown locations,” said Mark Prior, Banks want to understand what a rising interest rate coupled with a rise in vacancy will mean for individual loans and for that specific concentration in their portfolio.” 

The Comprehensive Loan Analysis product improves loan management by providing speed and automation for bank executives in several areas, including:  

  • Loan origination  
  • Annual loan review 
  • Concentration analysis 
  • Answering questions for board members and regulators 

Like all other Qualtik products, the Comprehensive Loan Analysis product is interactive and allows the user to drill into details and look at different scenarios quickly