Concentrations and Ratios

graph from commercial property valuation software

Accelerate and Elevate Monthly Reporting

Many banks aggregate data from multiple spreadsheets and systems to create monthly reports. This is a time-consuming process, with many commercial lenders spending several days every month just compiling and organizing data. With Qualtik, you can generate customizable, interactive reports in minutes.

Dynamic Drilling

Drill in to evaluate a scenario or single loan directly from the dashboard. Get greater detail at your fingertips so you can answer questions, fast.


Get real-time insight to specific areas of concentration with filtering. Access a list of assets and key information for any segment of a concentration.

Capital Ratios

Qualtik’s capital ratio dashboard gives detail behind CRE and C&D capital ratios and helps with forecasting. View your portfolio by unpaid principal balance or committed amount, easily break down details such as risk grades, LTV, and DSCR, and filter by call codes so you can keep a finger on the pulse of your portfolio and quickly answer questions for regulators.

Configurable Reports

Generate reports from multiple perspectives in minutes with Qualtik’s real-time reporting.

Dynamic Analysis for CRE and C&I Concentrations

  • Access interactive dashboards to gain better insights about your CRE and C&I portfolio concentrations and risk profile.

  • Filter by concentration or aggregate multiple portfolio segments with a click.

  • Generate interactive reports for management, board members, and regulators — in minutes.

  • Download reports as a PDF or a CSV file.

graph from commercial property valuation software
screenshot from commercial property valuation software dashboard

Interactive Tools for Tracking Capital Ratios

  • Keep your finger on the pulse of your capital ratios.

  • Filter by unpaid principal balance or committed amount to effectively forecast and manage ratios.

  • Get a detailed breakdown of call codes, real estate types, industries, risk grades, LTV and DSCR.

  • Quickly run ratio reports and hone in on call codes to get regulators the answers they need.

  • Include your loan pipeline to forecast the potential impact on your capital ratios.

Construction & Development Forecasting

Many banks build elaborate spreadsheets and spend considerable time forecasting their construction and development ratios. Qualtik’s C&D Forecasting product allows banks to put aside their spreadsheets and focus on analysis and decision making.

  • Surface your top loans with the largest impact on the 100% ratio.

  • View a forecast of where your ratio is headed when maturity dates and the distribution of committed funds are considered.

  • Review loans from your pipeline and see how they may affect your ratios.

screenshot of example CRE stress testing results

Questions from regulators and board members are ever changing. The segments of your portfolio that need a closer look change as fast as the market does. Find answers in a matter of clicks. You have never seen concentration management quite like Qualtik.