Qualtik Promotes Kari Pittioni

Qualtik is happy to announce the promotion of Kari Pittioni to Chief Operating Officer. 

As SVP of Operations, Kari worked to optimize the tools and processes used to deliver best-in-class customer satisfaction at scale. Mark Prior, Founder and CEO of Qualtik explains, “Kari has done a remarkable job strategically improving all of our operations and positioning us for scale in many areas.” 

Prior to joining Qualtik, she held several key leadership roles building and developing high performing teams for more than 15 years with more than 10 years focused in FinTech. Kari previously worked with banks, credit unions, and commercial real estate developers to bring a unique customer perspective to Qualtik while focusing on building scalable operational processes. She holds a degree in social sciences from Portland State University.  

In her new role, Kari will continue to oversee Operations, Account Management, and HR with an increased focus on optimizing the tools and processes that we all use to ensure we can do things quickly and efficiently. Her focus is on realizing operational excellence, enabling cross-functional collaboration, and proactively working to build the foundation for Qualtik to scale. Her overriding goal is to empower the rest of the team to do their very best work by removing roadblocks and optimizing the tools and processes that we rely on every day.