New Product Release: Construction & Development Forecasting Tool

Qualtik’s Construction and Development (C&D) Forecasting product helps banks break down their current 100% ratio and forecast how the ratio will move in coming months based on the distribution of committed funds.  

The C&D Forecasting product surfaces the top loans with the largest impact on the 100% ratio, and shows a forecast of where your ratio is headed when maturity dates and the distribution of committed funds are considered. This product also allows you to review loans from your pipeline and see how they may affect your ratios.  

Many banks build elaborate spreadsheets and spend considerable time forecasting their construction and development ratios. Qualtik’s C&D Forecasting product allows banks to put aside their spreadsheets and focus on analysis and decision making.  

Like other Qualtik products, the C&D Forecasting product improves ratio management by providing speed and automation for bank executives in several areas, including: 

  • Filtering capabilities that allow you to focus on an area of interest. 
  • Quick report generation with multiple format options including PDF and CSV. 
  • Data quality features that help banks identify and address missing or inaccurate data, quickly. 

“This product aligns with our goal of automating routine processes and saving community bankers time,” said Qualtik CEO Mark Prior. “We saw a clear pain point for banks, and we’re pleased to hear such positive early feedback on the product.”