Granular valuation, stress testing, and modeling, in real time, for both individual assets and entire CRE portfolios.

It’s not a pipe dream. It’s Qualtik.

Qualtik is a radically different tool.

Qualtik puts all of the info in your loan docs at your fingertips, eliminating the need to spend hours looking for what you need. You can dive right in to analyzing it, uncovering insights, proactively identifying risk, and making more strategic decisions about your CRE portfolio as a whole and individual assets. Qualtik has powerful reporting capabilities, so you can generate dynamic, interactive reports for investors, board members, management, or regulatory purposes in minutes instead of days. And with immediate access to all of the information in your system, you can answer tough questions from investors or auditors without breaking a sweat.

Deep, nuanced understanding of CRE assets and portfolios.

Granular valuation and stress testing in real time.

The fastest reporting you’ve ever seen.

Answers — for investors, board members, regulators — fast.

“Normally I spend 80% of my time finding and organizing my data and only 20% analyzing it. With Qualtik, I can flip that.”

Unparalleled Speed

Real time valuation, stress testing, and reporting. Yes, really — real time.


Board reports, management reports, compliance reports in minutes, not hours.

Sophisticated Analysis

Filter by loan type, location, NAICS code, and more. Stress single assets or whole portfolios. All in real time.

Fingertip Access

Access any document related to any loan instantly.

For CRE and Multifamily

Funds thrive on Qualtik.

Info about every note, including your handwritten notes, all in one place. Analysis and modeling in real time, so always know what any asset is worth, even in a fluctuating market.

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For Banks

Uncover new insights.

Finally, the sophisticated stress testing you’ve dreamed of is within reach. Access any detail in any document, instantly. And super-fast reporting. So you have the tools and the time to build a better strategy.

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Need to analyze your commercial real estate and other collateralized loan portfolios faster? Qualtik can help.

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