Accelerate and deepen your commercial loan portfolio analysis and reporting

Our unique loan portfolio analysis software is built for commercial lenders: community banks, debt funds, multifamily lenders, portfolio lenders, agency lenders, insurance companies, and credit unions.

Gain deeper insights — in real time.

Qualtik provides better visibility into the risk profile of your commercial loan portfolio and the agility to better analyze scenarios in a quickly changing economic environment. With our interactive dashboards, you can proactively manage your concentrations, monitor your capital ratios, stress test appropriate segments of your portfolio and generate custom reports, minus the guesswork or hassle.

Community Banks Benefiting from Qualtik

Dynamic Dashboards for CRE and C&I Concentrations

  • Access interactive dashboards to gain better insights about your CRE and C&I portfolio concentrations and risk profile.

  • Filter by concentration or aggregate multiple portfolio segments with a click.

  • Generate interactive reports for management, board members, and regulators — in minutes.

  • Download reports as a polished PDF or a CSV file.

screenshot from Qualtik's CRE loan portfolio analysis software
charts and graphs generated by loan portfolio analysis software

Fast, Flexible Stress Testing

Banks need sophisticated, granular commercial portfolio stress testing to help manage risk and meet regulatory requirements. Stress testing from Qualtik is fast and flexible. Enjoy the ability to set your own performance thresholds, stress test single loans or whole portfolios, and generate dynamic reports that link back to the source information, and more — all in real time.

  • Quickly hone in on segments of your CRE portfolio. Stress interest rate, cap rate, NOI and collateral. Or run detailed stress scenarios on individual loans.

  • Filter by loan type, location, vintage, NAICS code, and more.

  • Drill down to individual loans with just a click.

  • Set DSCR and LTV ranges on a test-by-test basis.

  • Generate interactive, deeply insightful stress test reports in real time — plus re-run them in minutes when conditions change.

Interactive Tools For
Tracking Capital Ratios

  • Keep your finger on the pulse of your capital ratios.

  • Filter by unpaid principal balance or committed amount to effectively manage diversity and risk.

  • Get a detailed breakdown of call codes, real estate types, industries, risk grades, LTV and DSCR.

  • Quickly run ratio reports and hone in on call codes to get regulators the answers they need.

  • View your CRM pipeline to forecast the potential impact on your capital ratios.

Why spend 80% of your time gathering and organizing your data and only 20% analyzing it? With Qualtik, you can flip that.

For Banks

You’re exporting data from your core system into spreadsheets for analysis and stress testing. You may be working with third parties for loan reviews and audits, and whenever they come on site, you devote loads of time just finding the information they need to get started. You have a solution for stress testing your portfolio, but it doesn’t do everything you want it to do, it doesn’t go deep enough, and it’s not fast enough.

And every time you need to generate a board report, executive report — ANY report — it takes too long.

Qualtik is a better way.

For Commercial Lenders

It’s vitally important to understand what every asset is worth, quickly. You’re evaluating million dollar deals in spreadsheets, which is slow and unscalable. If you could maintain historical data on every deal you’ve ever considered — recall why you bought, sold, or passed on it — you could fold that information into your decision making and move your fund forward.

Qualtik helps you take commercial loan portfolio management to the next level. Get real-time loan portfolio analysis, valuation, and reporting with our versatile software that lets you optimize every asset at every stage.

About Us

We’re a team of developers, salespeople, and customer service professionals with a long track record of working with banks. Qualtik brings superior CRE loan portfolio analysis and reporting software to commercial lenders.


Legacy Bank Case Study

Legacy Bank is growing fast, both organically and through acquisition. They were spending too much time wrangling data from multiple systems and trying to keep up with new questions arising in the midst of a rapidly changing economic landscape.

  • Legacy Bank Case Study

    Legacy Bank is growing fast, both organically and through acquisition. They were spending too much time wrangling data from multiple systems and trying to keep up with new questions arising in the midst of a rapidly changing economic landscape.

  • cre risk management

    Qualtik Streamlines CRE Risk Management to Respond to Global Events

    The COVID-19 pandemic has brought an incredible amount of uncertainty and upheaval to the commercial real estate sector.  How do you assess the impact COVID-19 will have on your portfolio? The right technology can give CRE lenders incredible insight.

  • Qualtik and Linedata logos with text announcing their partnership

    Qualtik and Linedata Join Forces to Empower the Banking Industry

    This collaboration marks a significant step towards empowering banks to effectively manage risk and gain valuable insights, enabling them to optimize resources and navigate challenging times successfully.

Calculate real-time market value for your commercial loans, as the market changes. Identify loans headed for trouble and proactively manage your risk.