Deeper, faster analysis for CRE loans, built for banks.

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Customizable CRE Portfolio Dashboards

  • Generate custom reports for management or board members in minutes.

  • Click to filter by concentration or aggregate multiple portfolio segments.

  • Download as PDF or CSV.

  • Customizable to meet your bank’s needs.

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Stress testing built for banks

Banks need sophisticated, granular stress testing in order to grow and meet regulatory requirements. Stress testing from Qualtik is fast and flexible. Filter by loan type, location, vintage, industry code, and more. Define your own scenarios for interest rate, cap rate, and NOI. Set your own performance thresholds. Stress single loans or whole portfolios. Generate dynamic reports that link back to the source information. All in real time.

  • Filter by loan type, location, vintage, NAICS code, and more.

  • Define your scenarios for interest rate, cap rate, and NOI.

  • Set DSCR and LTV ranges on a test by test basis.

  • Generate interactive, deeply insightful stress test reports in real time.

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Interactive stress test reports, in real time

  • Click on the report to view mild, moderate, or severe stress scenarios.

  • Drill down to individual loans with just a click.

  • Generate reports for management or your board of directors from multiple perspectives in moments.

  • Quickly generate reports whenever conditions change, so everyone is always looking at the most current information.

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“Regulatory agencies are strongly encouraging banks to beef up their stress testing. Not only does Qualtik provide a solution banks need, its platform is financially attainable to community banks and CRE investors.”

Jeff Wilkinson, Founder and CEO, Keystone Bank

Instantly access any piece of information on any loan

With Qualtik, all of the information in your CRE and other collateralized loan docs is in one place, and everything is linked, so you can quickly gather information and answers.

  • Provide backup data to regulators in minutes, not hours.

  • Pull together loan documents for outside service providers in a few hours, rather than a few days.

  • Answer questions from board members and management quickly and defensibly.

  • Quickly review source data behind analysis performed in-house.

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Are you calculating your compliance against regulatory caps in a spreadsheet? Automate it with Qualtik.

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