Real Estate Fintech Firm Qualtik Lands New Client and Advisor

Company secures Keystone Bank as client; adds new portfolio stress testing tool

AUSTIN, Texas (January 20, 2021) — Qualtik, a start-up developing software that helps community banks and investment funds analyze their commercial real estate loans in real time, has landed Keystone Bank’s business − and its founder as an advisor.

Designed for community banks and commercial real estate (CRE) lenders, Qualtik’s software, Spark, enables deeper and faster analysis of CRE loans. Among other capabilities, the platform calculates real-time market value for CRE loans as the market changes and provides near-instant feedback on the degree of potential risk facing a lender.

“In this pivotal time for Qualtik, attracting such a well-known bank and industry leader sets the stage for success,” said Mark Prior, Qualtik CEO.

Keystone Bank is also one of the first clients to utilize Qualtik’s new stress-testing tool. The Austin-based community bank has experienced rapid success since launching in October 2018. Including initial capitalization, it has raised approximately $39 million − and now has more than $345 million in total assets.

In addition to Keystone’s business, Qualtik has also landed the bank’s Chairman and CEO Jeff Wilkinson, a 30-year industry veteran, as an advisor.

Prior and Wilkinson worked together in previous roles and developed mutual respect for each other’s business acumen, as well as a lasting relationship. Before founding Qualtik in 2019, Prior founded an asset valuation and management services company with 300+ banks as customers.

“Jeff is well-known in the industry as a highly strategic thought leader all the way around − and specifically for leveraging technology and data,” said Prior. “He will provide invaluable feedback and insights to ensure our software is of maximum value to our clients.”

For his part, Wilkinson says he will do everything he can to help Qualtik succeed.

“Not only does Qualtik provide a solution banks need, its platform is financially attainable to community banks and CRE investors,” said Wilkinson.

Presently, Prior notes many community banks use spreadsheets or one-off platforms to analyze and value their portfolios, methodologies that tend to be error-prone and inefficient. Banks often spend 80 percent of their time collecting the data and only 20 percent of their time analyzing it. Qualtik aims to flip that equation.

“Our goal is to help banks get more brain power out of their best analytical minds,” said Prior.

Wilkinson said Qualtik’s services “couldn’t be more important right now. Regulatory agencies are strongly encouraging banks to beef up their stress testing. This is a needed product rolling out at a critical time.”

About Qualtik

Qualtik’s software gives CRE lenders real-time analysis with powerful, flexible filtering capabilities. Dually based in Austin and Portland, Oregon, the fintech firm’s stress testing software is more configurable than any other tool available today. Stress tests and reports are generated in real time. Qualtik helps CRE lenders accelerate and deepen their portfolio analysis, reporting, and risk management.

About Keystone Bank

Keystone Bank launched in 2018 with an entrepreneurial – even maverick – approach to community banking that truly puts the client first. Its headquarters are in Bee Cave, Texas, about 20 minutes west of Austin, and it has additional branch locations in downtown Austin and Ballinger, Texas. Keystone Bank’s services include private banking, commercial real estate, residential real estate and small business loans. Its name is a nod to its goal of being the financial keystone for its customers by being great listeners and even better problem solvers.