Welcome, Jen Adcock!

We’re thrilled to welcome Jen Adcock to the Qualtik team. Jen will be leading sales as we grow our team and client base.

“There are so many exciting aspects of this opportunity – great product, collaborative team, familiar industry – but I am most excited about building partnerships. Qualtik aims to partner directly with banks and CRE lenders as well as with accounting and servicing firms, and I am eager to build as many of those bridges as I can. Those bridges put more power into the hands of CRE lenders.”

Jen Adcock

A strategy and business development leader, Jen has a 20+ year proven track record of enterprise sales achievement in FinTech. She also has longstanding ties to the financial sector; she started her career in accounting before transitioning to business development, and worked closely with banking clients during her time at InComm.

Jen helped establish InComm as a market leader in digital payments in just 10 months, and grew the existing business by 43% year over year. In addition, she developed an empowered, high-performing sales team generating over $1B in top-line revenue. She built and managed the first sales team for MCI’s retail products. At AT&T she developed and executed 3 new products, and exceeded her 9 figure quota every year.

“Jen’s experience and personality make her an excellent fit,” said Mark Prior, Founder and CEO. “Her experience building and developing high performing sales teams in highly technical and fast-growing marketplaces, as well as her ability to work closely with technical teams to release new products that directly impact the marketplace, dovetails perfectly with what we are working toward. I am very excited to have her join our team.”

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