Real Time Answers to Board Questions

The Challenge

Signature Bank of Arkansas found themselves spending weeks of time evaluating a segment of their portfolio or running stress scenarios to prepare for exams and board meetings. They knew they needed something more agile and robust to create enhanced reports and to answer impromptu questions during board meetings. 

Looking for Speed

Signature Bank started as a Qualtik customer because they needed fast solutions for stress testing their loan portfolio. “We were looking for an easy solution to enhance monitoring of our CRE portfolio”, Casey Washam, SVP of Risk Management at Signature Bank of Arkansas explained, “we know what we are talking about and know our portfolio, but we wanted to be able to demonstrate that knowledge quicker than we could with our previous methods.” 

State of the Market

It is no surprise, with the current interest rate environment, that there is a need to be able to provide a rate shock to non-owner-occupied credits and understand what that impact could be. Signature Bank knew they needed to understand the potential real-world impact to their customers and portfolio for loans made in 2021 and early 2022. 

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