Announcing Qualtik’s New Stress Testing Tool

A revolutionary stress testing tool featuring real time portfolio filtering and interactive reports is now available from Qualtik.

Most commonly-used software solutions don’t provide the granularity, speed, and flexibility necessary to efficiently stress test a CRE loan portfolio. It’s possible to do complex stress testing using spreadsheets, but it is time consuming, hard to scale, and difficult to use consistently across multiple stakeholders. In a volatile market, it’s hard to justify the time investment required, knowing that as soon as your analysis is complete, it could be obsolete, and you’ll have to invest that time all over again. Worse, spreadsheets don’t show what will happen to the portfolio visually – an infographic-style report makes it much easier to quickly find specific segments that are at risk.

Qualtik’s stress testing tool gives CRE portfolio managers instant visibility into the state of their portfolio.

Users can:

  • Filter their portfolio in real time by criteria such as location, property type, vintage, NAICS code, and more;
  • Apply stress to interest rate, cap rate, and NOI;
  • Display results visually, so the migration of loans from their current state to mild, medium, and severe stressed states is immediately apparent; and
  • Delve into Qualtik Spark valuation software to further analyze strategies on specific loans.

Qualtik’s stress testing tool is an add-on module for Spark. Qualtik’s Spark provides data and document management, valuation, and reporting for CRE lenders.

Spark lets users:

  • Manage data and documents in one place, so everyone in the organization can access and work with the same information;
  • Generate visually engaging, interactive reports for investors, management, and Board members; and
  • Link reports to the source information so that managers and auditors can quickly validate data and conclusions.

Working in traditional spreadsheets, banks currently spend 80% of their time collecting data, and only 20% of their time analyzing it. Qualtik allows them to flip that equation.

“Our goal is to help banks get far more brain power out of their best analytical minds,” said Mark Prior, Founder and CEO of Qualtik.

Using Qualtik’s Spark and stress testing tool, CRE lenders can filter their portfolios to look at very specific segments and assets. For example, they can look at hospitality loans over $1m in a particular ZIP code and evaluate a CAP rate change to just those loans. They can hone in on restaurants in specific MSAs that originated in the last 5 years, because they know a new regulation is going to impact those businesses. They can apply stress to NOI for multifamily notes in their portfolio to identify the loans that are at highest risk.

Feedback from early reviewers is that there is nothing in the marketplace that is flexible enough, fast enough, and detailed enough to provide the level of stress testing needed by CRE loan portfolio managers. Until now.

With Spark and our new stress testing tool, Qualtik provides powerful, real-time stress testing and CRE asset management.

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