Qualtik’s Loan Portfolio Stress Testing Tool

A revolutionary stress testing tool featuring real time portfolio filtering and interactive reports is now available from Qualtik. Users can filter their CRE loan portfolio in real time by criteria such as location, property type, vintage, NAICS code, and more; apply stress to interest rate, cap rate, and NOI; display results visually, so the migration of loans from their current state to mild, medium, and severe stressed states is immediately apparent; and delve into Qualtik Spark valuation software to further analyze strategies on specific loans.

Qualtik Lands Hope Willard Lundt as a New Advisor

Hope Willard Lundt joins Qualtik as an advisor. Designed for community banks and commercial real estate (CRE) lenders, Qualtik’s software enables deeper and faster analysis of CRE loan portfolios. Among other capabilities, the platform provides interactive concentration reports and stress testing. The software allows banks to analyze scenarios that are important to them and receive instant feedback on the degree of potential risk in their CRE portfolio.

Use the tool that’s built for the job. Filter & analyze your CRE portfolio in real time.