Announcing Dynamic CRE Dashboards from Qualtik

An industry-leading tool for commercial real estate lenders is now available from Qualtik: Dynamic CRE Dashboards. In working with CRE lenders, Qualtik found that many lack deep visibility into their portfolios. In addition, in order to gain even the current limited level of insight, they are spending several days each month collecting and organizing their data in spreadsheets, leaving precious little time for analysis.

dynamic CRE dashboard give deep visibility into CRE loan portfolios

“Analysts are highly valuable, highly specialized thinkers. We want to help them spend more time analyzing data and less time gathering and organizing it,” said Mark Prior, Founder and CEO of Qualtik.

Prior notes that presently, many CRE lenders use spreadsheets to analyze and value their portfolios, methodologies that tend to be error-prone and inefficient. Banks and other CRE lenders often spend 80 percent of their time finding and organizing the data they need and only 20 percent of their time analyzing it. Qualtik aims to flip that equation.

Qualtik’s dashboards provide a dynamic configurable view of key CRE portfolio metrics. Lenders can monitor and track portfolio performance with concentrations, aggregated asset values, key ratios, and a list of assets with pertinent data displayed in easy-to-read charts and tables.

Features include:

  • Real-time concentration management and analysis.
  • Click to drill into individual loan details.
  • Visualize and identify risk.
  • Generate customizable reports for management, regulators, or the board from multiple perspectives in moments.
  • Automated monthly reporting.
  • Export in multiple formats including PDF and CSV.

Each lender has their own set of strategies and risk profiles to track. Qualtik’s dashboards are configured and customized to report on each organiztion’s specific objectives. Qualtik customers get realtime insight into specific areas of concentration, access to an asset list featuring key information for any segment of a concentration, and the ability to drill in to evaluate a scenario or single loan directly from the dashboard.

Risk Visualization
The Qualtik dashboard and stress testing products bring focus to areas of risk using interactive charts, heat maps, and graphs. Users filter results with a click or drill into the detail for deeper analysis.

Automated Monthly Reporting
Qualtik’s dashboards automate the monthly reporting process. Many lenders aggregate data from multiple sources in spreadsheets and spend hours if not days per month generating reports. Qualtik’s users report reducing the time to completion from two days each month to minutes. In addition, the dashboards provide much greater opportunity for deeper analysis and visibility into their portfolio.

Qualtik’s dashboards join an increasingly robust suite of tools for CRE lenders including a CRE stress testing tool that allows portfolio managers to run scenarios and stress tests in minutes. Qualtik works alongside any core system and uses a proprietary data import process that leverages the same type of reports and files that most banks use to pull data into their spreadsheets.

Qualtik helps CRE lenders spend less time organizing and gathering data and more time analyzing it.

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