Qualtik Promotes Kari Pittioni

Qualtik is happy to announce the promotion of Kari Pittioni to Chief Operating Officer. As SVP of Operations, Kari worked to optimize the tools and processes used to deliver best-in-class customer satisfaction at scale.

New Product Release: Comprehensive Loan Analysis

Qualtik’s Comprehensive Loan Analysis product helps banks to understand the collateral value behind their loans and run scenarios based on today’s economic environment. The product allows banks to stress individual loans based on specific bank policies and record a narrative for each loan analysis.

Qualtik Partners with JAM FINTOP

"Qualtik is helping community banks around the country as they navigate these challenges, and our relationship with JAM FINTOP can accelerate our growth,” said Mark Prior, Qualtik Founder and CEO.

Announcing Qualtik’s Capital Ratios Dashboard

Community banks approaching or exceeding the 300% CRE Capital Ratio and/or the 100% C&D Capital Ratio need to demonstrate their understanding and management of these areas of their risk profile to regulators.

Save Time with Qualtik’s CRE Lender Dashboard

An industry-leading tool for commercial real estate lenders is now available from Qualtik: Dynamic CRE Dashboards. In working with CRE lenders, Qualtik found that many lack deep visibility into their portfolios. In addition, in order to gain even the current limited level of insight, they are spending several days each month collecting and organizing their data in spreadsheets, leaving precious little time for analysis.

Qualtik’s Loan Portfolio Stress Testing Tool

A revolutionary stress testing tool featuring real time portfolio filtering and interactive reports is now available from Qualtik. Users can filter their CRE loan portfolio in real time by criteria such as location, property type, vintage, NAICS code, and more; apply stress to interest rate, cap rate, and NOI; display results visually, so the migration of loans from their current state to mild, medium, and severe stressed states is immediately apparent; and delve into Qualtik Spark valuation software to further analyze strategies on specific loans.